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Say something to myself

2018/7/31 22:13:45
Say something to myself
When one told you that everything would be better, you could be so relieved, especially when you have a hard time.
You should tell yourself that “Everything will gone, no matter it is good or bad. There is a long way to go, so you have a long time to learn how to control your emotion.”
Due to the time is going, everything can be changed. Don’t worry about what will happen tomorrow. What’s the most matter thing is to pay attention on today, or what you are doing.
In this world, everyone has their own position. The coming roads of us are different, so the homecomings are not the same.
I believe fate, which means that there is a power to control everything in secret. We can struggle in a limited range, and we can’t escape the cages, which are ought to be existed. May you think this point is so absurd. You have your own ideas, and so do I.
Our experiences are colorful. So, in my opinion, empathy is valuable, but I don’t ask for it. Maybe finally, I could accept everything without emotion. Love or hate, appreciate or jealousy. After all, it is just a temporary mood.
Maybe a person here who out of kindness could tell you what you are supposed to do or what you not to do. Maybe there is nobody do such things for you. You are a person who want to be a better person. I hope you can forgive everything. If not, please forgive yourself.   

There is a long way to go

I like Hepburn because her smile is full of strength and I hope you have the same smile

I hope that you can forgive everything. If not, forgive yourself.

If you forgive everything,it seems that we are getting old deep down from our heart.
2018/4/10 9:23:35
Nietzsche @ Mackenzie : At least I am alive. That's enough.