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A Tour to Forbidden City Walls

2017/12/28 10:21:12
A Tour to Forbidden City Walls
Living in Beijing, I’ve been to Forbidden City numerous times, but I recently made another tour there since the city walls were newly opened in late September.
At 9am on November 7 after going through a security check I entered the Imperial Palace. I climbed up to the top of the vermilion city wall from the west side of Meridian Gate. The opened part of the city walls runs from Meridian Gate to Donghua Gate. Leaning on the railings and looking inside the palace, I saw thousands of rooms arranged in an orderly manner with gold-glittering tiles brimming with grandeur and grace.
Through the Meridian Gate Tower I walked towards the South-eastern Corner Tower. A sense of vicissitudes suddenly emerged. Alas, the ancient civilization! Looking into the direction of CBD (Central Business District), I saw forests of edifices. It felt like I had traversed from ancient time to modern era. The ancient architecture echoes and integrates itself with modern buildings. A sense of pride welled up in my heart.
Another episode that day: when I was watching the paintings at the Meridian Gate Tower, I had the honour of seeing Mr. Shan Jixiang, President of the Palace Museum, accompany a foreign lady and explain something to her. The next day, US President Donald Trump came.

Newly opened city wall

Inside Forbidden City

CBD and Forbidden City

i've been there and it's so marvelous!
2018/3/12 14:51:35
The constructions of ancient China is beautiful and I admire of the wisdom and hard work of Chinese people.It is really a great nation.
2017/12/18 14:01:11
LeoPPKE @ Mackenzie : welcome!