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We are so lucky living in China - our great country

2018/4/15 21:28:46
We are so lucky living in China - our great country
Yesterday I read a wechat passage describing that the strike launched by America, Britan and French  was aimed at Syrian government  with the chemical weapons capabilities. I don't want to judge the intention of the strike. But I feel weighed down by especially the innocent children who are involved in the evil behaviours. Compared to the tragic fate of those Syrian people, I am proud of my country and feel lucky to live in such a peaceful country.  Reviewed from the humiliating past, China had undergone many twists and turns due to the debilitating national powers. But due to the efforts made by so many heroes in addtion to the sacrifice of  many innocent people, we take pride in our country which perserveres in overcoming so many setbacks. Taking me as an example, I am an ordinary person who is lucky to live in the great country. I was born in a happy family which my parents and siblings love and care me so much. Even in the tradition where pparents tend to pay more attention to boys than girls, my parents still treat us fairly. When I was enrolled in a not so good college, my parents still persist in letting me study in the college at the high expenses. When I want to further my study instead of finding a decent job and marrying a man, they tend to murmur a lot but stand by me and respect my decisions. After going to college, I happen to find how important my family it is to me. When hearing others sad about their broken family, I find I am so lucky to have my parents and siblings accompanied. Today, when taking subway in Guangzhou to and from Foshan, I am suddenly stunned and feel lucky to study in this glamorous city which provides so much convenience and entertainment to me. When knowing some foreigners praising our country for its convenient infrastructure, I am more proud of my country. There are too many delicious snacks in Guangzhou. To be honest, I can eat the morning snacks every day and don't feel monotonous. So the bountiful food offered in our country make me feel so happy. My parents often tell me that in 90s, it's impossible to eat so much food of various kinds and even pick up what they want to eat. My mother once was beat because she stole a egg pie at home. So I am regretful for complaining about how bad the food was. When compared to the dire situation of other poor countries short of food, we are so lucky to live in China. When seeing China have more say in international affairs, I feel very excited to live in such a great country.
Thank you, my country!

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