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The cheap love is destroying your children

2018/8/1 13:53:17
The cheap love is destroying your children
A professor of  Tsinghua University was resentful that the biggest scams of Chinese education were carefree education, worthless education and sparking children's nature. The frauds are detrimental to children's well-beings and growth. 
For example, in a hot pot store in Wuxi, Jiangsu, adults dined on their seats, with only one child running from one side to the other side.His mother followed him slowly, without scolding or stopping him. They must have felt that their child was so lovely.When towards the corner, the boy bumped into the waiter with a pot of grilled fish in his hand . The boy's forehead touched the pot. Then the tragedy happened instantly and the boy  was scalded severely. Afterwards, the child's parents didn't conduct any identification,  nor any legal process,  arrogantly claiming 390000 yuan as compensation and saying: "should not the child who is scalded receive the compensation worth 390000?" They all shrink their responsibilities. Why do Chinese children tend to lack awareness of rules? Because from the perspective of many parents, the child's nature is above the rule. Children's nature is active, so they can run, make a noise or can speak loudly.
In China, more and more children ignore the rules, resulting in more tragedies.
In a killing incident in Longhui, Hunan Province, a 73-year-old grandmother was killed in front of her house. The police immediately rushed to the scene and solved the case within five hours. The killer is a child at the age of 13 years old. In the afternoon when the crime happened, the child lingered near a grandmother's house and was scolded.
Without saying anything, the child picked up a blade knife at the door, ran straight to the old woman, used all his strength to strike the old woman, and the her died instantly. The child then seized 700 yuan from the old man and fled the scene.
There is a devil in every child's heart. If without restraint and discipline, the child may make blunders which can't be remedied. For me, my parents teach me to become a decent people and don't trouble others. They have asked me to be polite since when I am a child. They tell me that I need to express gratitude to those who help you and scold you to the benefit of your self-development. They don't like to trouble others and respect others. They still are kind to those who once hurt them. Parents play an essential role in children's development and they should make a good example. 

Naughty children

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