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Spicy Noodles in Xi’an

2017/12/28 10:21:34
Spicy Noodles in Xi’an
Speaking of food, I consider myself an iron-clad foodie. I’ve been to many places in China with only one goal of trying local delicacies. If you have a preference for food made of flour, I strongly recommend you go to Xi’an, the capital city of Shanxi Province.
People who’ve been to Xi’an know that Xi’an boasts of a variety of noodles and they are quite affordable, such as Biang Biang Mian (hot oil noodle), Hanzhong Mianpi (rice noodle), Qishan Saozi Mian (soup noodle with minced pork), and so on. In addition to the main ingredient of wheat or rice, these noodles are garnished with soybean sprouts, spinach, carrot, cucumber, etc. Despite a slight difference in garnish, these noodles have one ingredient in common, perhaps the quintessential element of Xi’an food: local special chilli oil. The chilli oil is made of local chilli ground into powder mixed with peanut, sesame and other condiments. The chilli must be locally produced. Since I came back to Beijing, I’ve tried Xi’an-flavoured restaurants in Beijing but none of them match the taste in Xi’an. The prices start from 10 yuan a bowl. So if you’re a spicy food lover, do go to Xi’an where you can also visit Terracotta Warriors and Mount Hua.

Biang Biang Noodle

Hanzhong Mianpi

Qishan Saozi Noodle

Maybe I can enjoy it without spicy sources...haha
2017/12/18 14:03:04