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Phoenix-Descending Pavilion

2017/12/28 10:23:31
Phoenix-Descending Pavilion
In Datong, a northwestern city in China, there is a restaurant that lures customers not so much by its food as by its facade and interior decoration. It’s called Feng Lin Ge, Feng as phoenix, Lin as descending, and Ge as pavilion. The name is literally translated as a pavilion descended on by a phoenix. Phoenix is a divine bird in Chinese mythology symbolizing auspice and privilege. There is indeed a bronze phoenix statue erected on the right side of the entrance.
According to history, when the eight-power allied forces invaded Beijing in 1900, Empress Cixi fled to Datong and had a four-day sojourn, during which Feng Lin Pavilion was instructed to make imperial meals. The meals were then packed in boxes and sent to Cixi’s residence. The restaurant is an epitome of Chinese ancient architecture featuring overhanging eaves and wood structure. Inside is a two-story building glittering in light.
Its flagship dish is Shao-Mai (steamed dumplings) though it serves all kinds of local delicacies. Shao-Mai is unique in shape. It’s shaped as flowers to increase appetite. The dough is made with boiling water. The stuff is not so much different from ordinary dumplings, meat, vegetables or mixture. And it’s steamed not boiled, and served in a steamer, so gorgeous that you may indulge yourself in watching it and forget to lift up your chopsticks.




Almost every day I eat shaomai for breakfast.It is delicious.
2017/12/15 11:45:47