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My college

2018/8/9 11:03:41
My college
Guangdong Industry Polytechnic has two campuses, one is in Foshan, another is in Guangzhou. And the pictures below are taken in the Foshan campus. I think my college is very beautiful, do you think so?

It's my college, in Foshan.
2018/8/7 15:54:11
kario @ LJune : Just one? so you can upload a few more photos about your college.
starexpress @ LJune : Yeah, posts can be modified by yourself.
LJune @ kario : Wow, I will find more pictures about my college
LJune @ starexpress : Yep, I will have a try, thank you
kario @ LJune : He he. The toilet is also adorned with the art paint. Do your students decorate them by yourselves?
LJune @ kario : Yes, they are painted by students 
What is this place?
2018/8/7 15:09:13