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A ballad concert of Hua Zhou : The Best One

2018/8/29 11:12:32
A ballad concert of Hua Zhou : The Best One
Since I got habituated to the life in University, I have been immersed in Hua zhou because of her light-hearted tune and straightforward contents. On reflection, it is songs of Huazhou that once pulled me out of the miserable circumstance when a flow of troubles embittered me. Contrary to normal pop music, ballad is born to shed light on the essence of life itself no matter positive or negative. What really matters is not the constant appreciation and gratitude for everything but the authentic feelings about something around us. To some extent, a ballad is not only a song but a indeed vivid story that reflects on the true ego.

I remembered that it took me approximately two hours to the destination due to too long distance from my school. What’s more, I stood  for almost three hours prior to the advent of concert in order to take up the best spot to enjoy. Namely it resulted in a awkward situation later on where my feet fail to carry me in the end.   

Upon the concert  coming along, there was  a flow of applauses and screams flaring up. Accompanied by silvery drumbeats, Hua Zhou’s voice seemingly striped off our bad mood and elevated our joy to the highest level. Contrary to just music from the earphones, songs in Concert creates an unexpected and vivid environment as if music was surrounded by us. During  four hours, I has been buried in this kind of excitement for a long time.

In conclusion, Hua Zhou’s concert is worth coming again one day!!!

From this picture, the left is Hua zhou and the right is her accompany called the ear of cat. 

Although Hua zhou doesn't seem to be pretty very well, her appearance leaves a relaxing impression.

As a special guest in concert, Feng zi also performed a series of appealing songs.

Ah, you have the chance to hear  live concert of Hua Zhou. I really envy you! Was the concert held in your school? What time?
2018/8/28 14:44:01
Rachelll @ rollance : No, It was held in the ground floor of restaurant. Approximately in July.
rollance @ Rachelll : Sorry, I misread. Today I saw a girl  playing alone with a guitar on the street . Just like  that photo  in your text.