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Binhai Road in Dalian: Sea is everything

2018/8/28 12:29:40
Binhai Road in Dalian: Sea is everything
When it comes to the late of spring, the majority of people in Dalian prefer to take a good view of sea. As is known to all, walking assembly in Dalian is held every year which can be classified into three aspects, 10km, 20km and 30km. In most times, this unique journey is associated with Binhai Road where people can delve deeply into the charm of sea. Speaking of the Binhai Road, it is 40 km in length and surrounded by 12 tourism spot that seem 10 pearls are decorated in a belt. 
When driving in Binhai Road, the left are numerous mountains ridging and twisting while the right is charming sea and islands of different shapes. In terms of that winding road, it embraces romantic emotions and blurs people’s eyes. There is no doubt that this wonderful scene is engraved in people’s heart for a long time.
There is a combination of pure sea and fresh air attracting people’s attention from other areas. It is suitable to enjoy vacations and relax oneself. In order not to let the scene slip in your mind, it is advisable to bring a camera to record every second of Dalian.

It is located in the middle of Binhai Road and normal cameras faile to capture its beauty.

The blue color of sea is associated with the delightful weather and air in Dalian

When you walk along the Binhai Road, a wide array of surprises are waitting for you.

Sea is the soul of Dalian and provides a harmonious environment .

Is the beach of Dalian far from the urban area? How many hours does it take? I really want to see it.
2018/8/29 22:06:02