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Enlightened chess

2018/8/28 12:07:06
Enlightened chess
My father will let me play chess with him whenever he is free. It was not so much I played chess with him as he taught me how to drop the pieces. As usual, we sat face to face in the game. Suddenly, my father said to me, "every time you drop a piece, watch the situation carefully and think twice to make sure that it is in your favor, not a scrap." In addition, thinking fast, so that the opponent does not have a chance to break your game, after all, the real game is regular, can not regret chess, lost overtime. Of course, you're not a professional chess player. It doesn't matter whether you win or lose. " Yes, every time I look back on what my father said, I have to think deeply. Life is like a game of chess, to make many choices, the consequences have to bear their own. We must be sober and self-disciplined in order to reduce mistakes. The red pawn is the one who makes the choice, the black pawn is the one who takes the responsibility, no matter which side wins, it is you.

In general, the red pieces fall first, the black ones fall.

My feelings.

Feints and stratagems are the stuff of chess. In large part, a chess program is a method of exploring decision trees. There are chess games in need of bolder gambits.
2019/7/26 19:02:13
NOTITLE @ Qimxing : I think chess is fun.
Is this your diary when you were a child? It reads a lot of flavor, oh. Pen and paper to keep the passage of time.
2018/8/28 15:19:30
NOTITLE @ Anne : To tell you a little secret, I was very naughty when I was a child.Diary is recently written.
Anne @ NOTITLE : How naughty? For instance?
NOTITLE @ Anne : Father is beside, pen in hand; Dad is not around, playing a piece of mud back. you know what I mean.
Anne @ NOTITLE : Don't be lazy ! Your ice cream reward is gone.