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I bet you will fall in love this night in Dalian!! Welcome to my fantasy

2018/8/29 12:16:00
I bet you will fall in love this night in Dalian!! Welcome to my fantasy
Generally speaking, contrary to south, north leaves a a quiet and relaxing impression especially at night. When you walk along the street at night, this city is not boisterous at the slightest while the majority of people prefer to stay at home. However, everything has its pros and cons. In spite of the dearth of people, there appears a night when a wide array of twinkling lights account for this unforgettable scene.

One night, my friends and I were lingering along the street after wallowing in the beauty of fireworks. Rather than hailing a taxi, walking at a slow pace is more prone to stir our interests. In the past, I always held the viewpoint that night in north is not worth enjoying. However, I was wrong.

In the street, it is no overstatement that several people are hardly seen especially at 12.00.p.m. To my amazement, another worthwhile scene can offset it. A number of trees are connected by several strips of  light belts which some of these even climb along the tree and light up the whole night. Different kinds of lights are made the best of to enlighten the trees for the benefit of better looking.

What’s more, amusement park is more likely to be a fantastic world due to the assistance of light.

Along the quiet street to the Xinhai park, a series of light scenes crop up and add layers of mistery.

Interspersed with blue and slivery lights, night in Dalian is shourded in a kind of unique brightness.

To be honest, it is more likely for people to come to the Xinhai park because merry-go-round can be viewed as a glistening star at night.

In a extraly good mood1!!

fantasic, magic, exotic, I am speechless when encourtrting this kind of amazing sky at night.

The night view is beautiful. The girl riding the merry go round is more beautiful.
2018/8/31 9:27:14