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My favorite little buddy Caesar ! You are my angel.

2018/8/31 11:23:50
My favorite little buddy Caesar ! You are my angel.
Speaking of the indispensable part in my life, Caesar definitely holds an important position apart from my parents. There is no denying that Caesar can be considered as a gift to me when I get stranded by daily troubles. To be honest, it is Caesar that once pulls me out of collapse in a miserable state during the preparation of college entrance examination. Hence, from another angle, Caesar is conducive to my development no matter in a academic or emotional way.

Caesar has been staying with us for three years. Even though I have a craving for a dog since childhood, it turns out to be an illusion ultimately. However, in my high school, a surprise just sprung up in my life along with a wide array of joys and excitements. At that time, Caesar was just two-month-old in winter. Because of no experiences of attending dog, my parents and I spared no efforts to be responsible for his life, such as feeding yogurt for benefit of better nutrition or providing a warm environment for fear that he will suffer coldness. The most unforgettable thing I can recount is that Caesar and I once raced other and he screamed aloud because he can’t catch up with me. What a adorable little dog!

Nowadays, Though I always star away from home, Caesar is still enthusiastic about playing with me every time I return. 

He is fond of watching Tv with me in my bed.

When he came to my home at the first time, He just looked like a furry toy.

Since the advent of Caesar, my mom asked me to pass the electric heating pillow which was used to warm my feet on him.

The second picture, Caesar is shy of strangers? How did your family get acquainted with him?
2018/9/1 10:45:46