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Do you want to carve a pumpkin lamp? nobody will say no.

2018/8/31 23:31:08
Do you want to carve a pumpkin lamp? nobody will say no.
Among a diversity of intriguing activities in my university, Carving the pumpkin lamp is superior to others. In reality, I has always harbored a kind of excitement before the advent of it. After all, I get down to attempting to soak myself in the joy of handcraft, never undertaken by me before. As for me, it is not only a meaningful activity but also an unprecedented challenge.

On that day, my friends and I got ready for our pumpkin lamp with a series of tools as soon as possible. Initially, it is time to choose your own pumpkin. In order to make the best of its advantage we shifted our eyes on the biggest one. Secondly, the most fundamental thing is to dig a hole on the top so that we can clean out the inner dreck. To some extent, nothing is more tricky than that.

Furthermore, we marked some important circles to symbol its mouth, eye and so forth. As thing stands, it took a great amount of time to complete this task. Even though it slightly deviated from our expected direction, it still catered to our fancy. Ultimately, several special details were added so that it is closer than the ideal look.

In conclusion, our pumpkin lamp is the most wonderful masterpiece for us in spit of the loss of reward. 

Though it fails to obtain a numbe rof vots, We are still proud of it.

Ligheten by the electronic candle, our pumpkin is touched with magic power.

Since my friend seems more stronger than me, the majority of carving is her duty.

Generally speaking, it is much harder when it comes to real practice rather than merely planing it.

Well done!!!!What do you think of it?

Nice pumpkin lamp ! Have you tried making watermelon lamp?
2018/9/2 21:33:51