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The second destination of our grauation trip-Hong Kong

2018/9/13 10:05:29
The second destination of our grauation trip-Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a  prosperous metropoly, regional and international finance center of the natural deepwater, with  superior cindition. From 1842 until 1997 it was the colony of British, and was  handover to China on 1 July 1997.
We got up early and  took a bus to cross the Shenzhen Gulf Bridge to get Tuen mun, which is a new territori of Hong Kong. And thent, we took metro to get Mong kok. We tasted cream custard bun, Hong Kong-style, milk tea, char siu bao, thick toast, and pineapple bun. After enjoying the hearty breakfast, our nice day bigan.
Hong Kong is really a shoppong heaven. Beauty creams, clothes, and luxuries, I didn't pass anything hhhh.It's so cheap beacause there is no tax.It is no exaggeration to say that if I had time, I could shop three and three nights without a rest.Of course, the premise is that I have a lot of money.
After lunch, we crossed the Victoria Harbour to get Central Piaza by Star Ferr, which belongs to  Hong Kong Island. To achieve a good view of the whole Victoria Harbour, we need to get the top of the Victoria peak. There are lots of people lining up everyday, I had booked two lift tickets in advance so we didn't waste time too long.What a sagacious girl!!!
After appreciating the wonderful night scene.Our trip to Hong Kong was over satisfactorily.

How much does it cost to go to Hong Kong? I also want to go there to play recently. Are you only going there for a day?
2018/9/27 9:13:39
Viyaaa @ starexpress : We spent about 500CNY.The subway is a bit expensive.My boyfriend's PRC had only one time left so we can only get in and out Hong Kong once.The accommodation in Hong Kong is too expensive so we lived near the Shekou Port, and it is opened from 5:00-24:00.If you want to take a cable car to the top of  the Victoria Peak, you'd better book it in advance. Just Taobao is OK!Wish you a nice trip.
starexpress @ Viyaaa : Thank you so much. Viyaaa