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The fourth destination——Shunde, Foshan

2018/9/18 19:47:44
The fourth destination——Shunde, Foshan
I have watched a documentary before which introduced the numerous delicacies in Shunde. And there is a saying that Shunde is the fighter aeroplane of  delicacies in Guangdong province. So we chose Shunde as our next destination to look for delicacies.Guangfo city makes it convenient to get Foshan from Carton by intercity high-speed railway, and it took us only 8 minutes.
Shunde is the birthland of double-layer milk, and I'm a crazy fan of sweets, so we came Min Xin Old Shop first. We ordered a bowl of double-layer milk, a plate of Daliang fried milk, and a stewed milk with bamboo tube.
The Qinghui Garden is just opposite the Min Xin Old Shop, so we looked around it to see the garden culture of  South of the Five Ridges.
After we came out......Emmmm we felt hungry again althought we just had lots of sweets. As two foodies, we can't stop looking for delicacies all around. Jun'an steamed pork, fish cake, and we ordered two bowls of double-layer milk again.(facepalm hhhhh)
By the way, we bought two bottles of  Yi Dian Dian as the great end of the trip to Shunde!!!Nice day~

we came Min Xin Old Shop first.

The Qinghui Garden is a great place to take photos.

We can't stop looking for delicacies.

we bought two bottles of  Yi Dian Dian as the great end of the trip to Shunde.

Oh, greedy kitten in Foshan ! I like !
2018/9/19 22:06:02