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"Southern Dumplings"

2018/10/18 16:28:28
"Southern Dumplings"
Have you ever eaten the "Southern Dumplings" (we also call them Bai Shuijiao) ? It's so delicious! In my hometown, we usually make this kind of food in some special days. And my Mom would make it when we want to eat it. 
To make the Bai Shuijiao, we need to prepare the ingredients in advance, such as sticky rice noodles, carrots, mushrooms, yam bean and pork. 
Then we can start to cut and fry the stuffing. After that, we need to boild the sticky rice noodles with some water into a pasty shape.
When everything is prepared well, we can begin to make the Bai Shuijiao. Wow... the process of making the Bai Shuijiao is also interesting......
Lastly, we can enjoy the delicious Bai Shuijiao......
Do you love the "Southern Dumplings" --- Bai Shuijiao?