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Tasty and low-fat food -- low fat fried salmon.

2017/12/30 10:45:29
Tasty and low-fat food -- low fat fried salmon.
Since you can’t stop eating, please eat healthily. Today let us learn a low-fat delicacy--fried salmon.
Ingredients is very simple: 150 grams of salmon, a avocado, two lemon, 100 grams of asparagus, 300 grams of carrots, 200 ml of olive and a little almond slices. These materials can be easily bought in supermarkets.
Clean the ingredients, boil the water, add a little oil, cook the vegetables and drain them away. Evenly sprinkle with salt and lemon juice on the each side of salmon, rub evenly, marinate for 5 minutes or so. Pour the olive oil in the pot, turn into medium heat until the oil is hot, fried the side of the fish fillet for 30 seconds, and then fried two sides until turn into golden brown color. After frying, put the salmon in the dish with vegetables. Finally, mix with avocado and sprinkle almond slices.
Salmon is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, it can reduce blood fat and blood cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease. Each 100 grams of butter contains about 160 calories of energy. The energy if 3 times than sweet apple and 2.7 times than milk. But their fat is unsaturated fat, they can eliminate some saturated fat, lower cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease, it is helpful to promote the metabolism of our body.

The diet should be light.

Low fat fried salmon.

Although avocados contain a lot of fat,it is a great diet food.

With this dish, I can eat enough and lose weight at the same time.Ha-ha~
2017/12/4 15:12:53