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The edible “tooth” is worth 100$!Have you ever tried it?

2017/12/29 9:52:49
The edible “tooth” is worth 100$!Have you ever tried it?
The horrible “tooth” speads on reefs.If you have Trypophobia, you’d better never get a glimpse of it. They are always together,seeming like a big family.They are called ”goose barnacle”. Relying on flowing sea water to forage, such kind of animals with tentacles are often washed to the shore. The goose barnacle attach their tentacles to the surface of an object to capture the floating sea creatures, so that they cannot be departed from the object.When it comes to their shape, you may call them “twin brothers of the horse's teeth”.And people living by the sea often call them “the horse tooth”. It is distributed in any waters of the intertidal to subtidal shallow layers, attached to hard objects fixed or floating in the sea. Because of their special life history and population ecology,they have become one of the most important marine biological pollutants.

Despite of the horrible out-looking, they are really delicious. The best way to enjoy them is to boil, sprinkle a little salt. Do not add any seasoning.Keep the original flavor. Or you can also steam them. Then you will find all steamed goose barnacles with a layer of milky white thing comes out, just like chopped tofu. Enjoy your time to taste the flavor of that little meat in the shell, with the unique smell of goose barnacles around your mouth and stomach.

The goose barnacle which look like teeth of horse

The goose barnacles on the plate

No,I never tried it and I don't think I will...It doesn't look delicious...how could some guys enjoy it???
2017/12/4 15:12:42