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Have you ever started a journey with hundreds of people you’ve never met before?

2017/12/6 17:07:49
Have you ever started a journey with hundreds of people you’ve never met before?
During the summer vacation of my junior time in college,I joined in a large-scale walking activity held by Jian Ai Fund,a public welfare founded by several college students.Jian Ai Fund was started in 2013 and members have been increasing all the time.Walking activities for college students have been organized for 4 years,twice per year almost.Before the summer vacation,I signed up and began to foster the habit of running everyday.I took running twice everyday,in the morning and at night.Each time I spent half an hour to run for 3-4 kilometers and finally got the chance of being a volunteer of this activity.Every participator was called volunteer.And the walking activity of that time,was formed by about 250 college students all over China.
In August 2016,I began my journey with many other college students I’ve never met before.We set up from Xian, Shangxi province,went through Lanzhou,Gansu province,arrived in Tianshui,visiting children’s home in the poverty-stricken areas there,and reached Qinghai province at last.Pitching a tent,packing up quickly were a piece of cake and also quite usual during the journey.We sold small gadgets to raise money,enjoyed delicacies and culture of different cities in north of China and came to the poverty-stricken areas.More than 250 volunteers did their best to help children of remote villages in mountains.Apart from that,friendships built up through many impressive experiences had been kept deep down by every volunteer since then.During this journey,team spirit and trust were the core which was expected to be developed by every member of this activity.The last night of this trip was buried by happiness and hardest goodbyes at campfire party.Then,on the next morning,we waved our hands to every teammate and went back to home respectively.Tired as we were,we never gave up.We never gave up but moved on to the destination by walking and hitch-hike.Here,I would like to express my sincere thanks to Jian Ai Fund and working staff of this organization.And I really hope more and more college students will step put of their campus,take a chance to experience more and push themselves to the world outside.

Smile,my teammates and we were going to Baoji,Shanxi province.

We tried to find typical store names which was a task assigned by the organization.

Visiting children of poverty-stricken area in Tianshui,Gansu province.

We settled down on an opening space in Baoji,Shanxi province.

We were excited to see the blue sky of Qinghai Lake.

On the campfire party night,we celebrated and said goodbye.

Wonderful journey!!But I graduated from college and I didn't know the large-scale group activity and anthing about the Jian Ai Fund.Really a pity
2017/12/6 16:36:04