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It’s a fantastic place where even God is unwilling to leave. 

2018/1/15 10:42:03
It’s a fantastic place where even God is unwilling to leave. 
Xianju,my hometown,which is located in Zhejiang province,China,is really hard for people to praise its beauty by words.It’s a wonderland which is isolated from hustle and bustle of cities.It’s a beautiful world where I had been lived for almost 10 years.It’s my hometown which I miss so much for its invigorating fresh air and intoxicating picturesque scenery.I love it.I love to hang around the river bank and soak my feet into the witty water.The flowing water is rather good at communicating with my feet and then steal my troubles away as long as my feet start to play with him.When I sit on a large rock located for years,the lovely grandpa Mr.Rock begins to talk with my shadow and try to get more bothers of mine.I am embraced by my beloved nature every time I am here.Everyone who comes here falls into the endless green lines across the small county.It’s a magical place that endows people with the ability of listening to their heart and pacifying souls with anxiety.Trust me,it will fly to your sweet dreams once you step onto the poetic land. 

The “Green Road” is for residents and visitors to take a walk or cycle.

Bamboo rafts float on the river for visitors to take a drift leisurely.

A picturesque park of my hometown.

Immerse yourself in to sunset of the nature.It’s hard to express the beauty by words.

Some birds visit the fantastic lake and I’m sure they are unwilling to leave.

I used my phone to take the picture when I was spending the National holiday at home.

Just like  a fairyland !
2018/8/28 15:41:45
Wow,I love these pictures!Awesome!I will take the place on my traveling list.Sometimes after long-time working,I am too tired to stay in my office and I need some fresh air!
2017/12/7 16:07:39