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The yellow river of rapeseed blossoms took my breath away.

2018/1/15 10:46:53
The yellow river of rapeseed blossoms took my breath away.
In September,2016,I went to my best friend’s hometown,Jixi county,Anhui province.Appreciating  rapeseed blossoms is the main purpose of this trip.The day when we set up for the public viewing place was pretty nice.We took our cameras to record the majestic scenery.After reaching there,we found it was absolutely a stunningly amazing visual feast for every visitor.Layers of mountains were covered by the bright yellow rapeseed flowers and dotted with colorful miniature tourists.Lines of cars started from the viewing square along the zigzagging mountain roads.Clusters of black human dots were getting through the yellow river of rapeseed blossoms.I was totally intoxicated by the fantastic sight and never stopped pressing the shutter of my camera to capture the brilliant world.
Apart from the rapeseed blossoms,my friend showed me the ancient house of ancestors of her family.It was well preserved by the local government.Once steping into the big mansion,it seemed that I travelled back to the past dynasties.When I touched the old square wooden table,I imagined myself as a girl in special costume of Qing Dynasty,holding a cup of tea and sipping it leisurely and gracefully.However,It occurred to me that women in Qing Dynasty were never carefree as those in present times.Mostly,they stayed at home doing chores and dealing with trifle matters.Besides,they didn’t even have the fundamental rights of being a citizen although the word “citizen” hadn’t been arisen at that times.Then I felt quite fortunate for living in the great times when people are enjoying much more comfortable life in peaceful era presently in comparison with people in the past.

Layers of rapeseed flowers are so beautiful.

It’s wonderful for photographers to take some amazing pictures

Isn’t it like a human lying on the ground?

It’s a chastity memorial archway erected in front of the ancient mansion.

A red palanquin for marriages in Qing Dynasty

A plaque is hanged on the beam of the lobby.