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My New Family Member ——A Little Dog  “Qiu Qiu”

2018/1/15 16:44:28
My New Family Member ——A Little Dog  “Qiu Qiu”
Two weeks ago I got a puppy from my sister and was probably pitifully dropped. She is a beautiful and lively little girl, my sister gave her a name for the "Qiu Qiu".
When she arrived at our house, she was still unfamiliar to us, did not understand her new name, did not know her new family, but she was still cheerful and lively. Even if discarded is still a sticky little guy. Our family likes her very much.
Only two days, she got used to her new name and new family, I and my dad gave her a new cage, a new bed, new toys and new dog food, and then she settled in our house. It has been two weeks now, she has fully integrated into our family, every morning I go to work, she will look at me with anxiety, when I came home from get off work after night, she will be merrily flutter to my legs seeking Hug. Really a sticky little cute guy.
Our life has become more happy because of her arrival, and has become more fulfilling and happy. Feeding her every day becomes a part of my life, and although I need to devote time and experience to taking care of this little adorableness in my busy life, I can not afford it. The happy and happiness she brings to me is enough to offset those who take care of her.
I think every dog is a small angel wings, came to save the lonely heart of the world, they deserve love and happiness.

The first day to my home

Playing new toys.

A new cage for "Qiu Qiu".

Meet girlfriends with me.

Go out to take a bath for a first time.

Many years ago, i also had a puppy named Mimi.
2018/1/17 11:41:52