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Silver Cave——a beautiful tourist attraction in Guilin

2018/1/26 14:53:28
Silver Cave——a beautiful tourist attraction in Guilin
East or west, Guilin's scenery is the best. As for Guilin, what occurs to people first are the limpid water of Li jiang, as bright as a mirror, and surrounding beautiful mountains rising up from the ground with all kinds of postures. There is a saying, “Caves hide among mountains”. Caves are a wonderful scenery in Guilin. The cave I’m going to introduce today may not be well-known to you, but it is absolutely a representative and worthy of a visit among cave wonders in Guilin. It is the Silver Cave. The Silver Cave tourist attraction is located in Maling Town, Lipu County, Guilin City. On the road, you will pass several tourist attractions, including Ten Mile Gallery, Moon Hill and Big Banyan Tree, where Liu Sanjie and A Niuge, two protagonists in the film Liu Sanjie, pledged their love in the film.?
Silver Cave, a kind of floor-typed cave, includes various stalactites that grow in different years. These stalactites take some beating in their majesty, oddness, quietness and prettiness and are designated as global cave treasures by geologists and other experts. Because the temperature in this cave remains 24℃~26℃ all year round, which is the most comfortable temperature for human beings and optimum one for the formation of stalactites, stalactites in the cave are still growing now, hence, they are called maidens of eighteen. Views inside the cave will change after hundreds of years.
In the Silver Cave, we can see stalactites with various realistic postures everywhere, including the ones like terraced fields, the Great Wall, ganodermas with ten thousand years and many other postures.
All in all, the picturesque scenery in the Silver Cave will definitely feast your eyes!

Umbrella-shaped Stalactite

Waterfall-shaped Stalactites

Stalactites in the Silver Cave