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Have you tried these exotic Chinese dishes?

2018/2/9 11:14:15
Have you tried these exotic Chinese dishes?
China, a great eastern country, has a vast territory and consists of 56 ethnic groups. Therefore it is natural that local special Chinese food is quite different.If you plan for a tour in China,there must be something you can't miss.Here is a list of three wonderful Chinese mainland cuisines which can be entitled as some strange food.

When it comes to exotic delicacies, the first one that is worth to be mentioned is Fried Locusts. If you try it,you may realize that people are definitely omnivorous animals. As long as it is harmless, no matter what kind of animals and plants, can become a gourmet cuisine on the table. Actually,locusts are rich in protein,carbohydrates,insect hormones and other active substances, and contains vitamin A, B, C and trace elements of calcium, phosphorus,iron,zinc,manganese,etc. Locust is not only delicious, but also a good medicine, with the functions of reinforcing spleen,relieve rheumatic pains and warn your stomach.

There is another dish from Yunnan,which is called Butterfly Fungus Salad. The “butterfly fungus” is from Yunnan province, which shapes like the wings of butterfly with black and white patterns.It is very beautiful and it grows from the foot of the tree.You will have a chance to enjoy the dish in Guangdong and Yunnan province.The Butterfly Fungus Salad is rich in amino acids.You can mix it with Chinese cabbage. Pour some vinegar, and sprinkle white sesame.The butterfly fungus itself has no taste.So by the smell of vinegar, you might catch some flavor of Sichuan vermicelli without spicy taste.And it’s really good.

Then comes the Cattle Dung Hotpot. It is a little bit disgusting.The raw ingredient of this dish is not cattle dung. Sometimes, it is called The Grass Soup, which is popular with people from the Guizhou province.People there feed cattle with superior grass and Chinese herbal medicine,then they slaughter the cattle and squeeze liquids out of the stomach and small intestine of the cattle, add seasonings and ox bile to the pot,and boil it.People from Guizhou province often treat their guests warmly with the special cuisine.You can try it when you go there to taste the special flavor.If you dare not to try it, just close your eyes and let your tongue go with it.

In addition to the three dishes above,there are many delicious food in China that is absolutely out of your imagination.Welcome friends from all over the world to come to China to enjoy them and have a good time in China.

Fried Locusts

The Butterfly Fungus Salad

The Grass Soup/The Cattle Dung Hotpot

OMG!I've never seen dishes like these...Crazy man!I just watched a TV program which introduces some Indian food...pretty similar.Hard for me to enjoy them.
2017/12/4 15:19:26
Mackenzie @ Maggie : Hahaha,one day when these things are mixed with other delicioous dishes,you won't even realize what you are eating at that time...
Maggie : Sounds disgusting...