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Jiangsu traditional food: Earth Pot Chicken

2018/1/17 10:57:34
Jiangsu traditional food: Earth Pot Chicken
Today, I strongly recommend a traditional Chinese food, a special dish in my hometown, Earth Pot Chicken. This is one of my favorite food. As the saying  goes,  life is not worth living without delicious food that you can look forward and enjoy.  And the earth pot chicken is the food you can look forward and enjoy.
The earth pot chicken originated from the Weishan Lake area on the border between North of Jiangsu Province and south of Shandong Province. It has many characteristics. For example, its soup is made of bree,  it tastes thick and delicious. The cake is attached to the side of the pot. After a period of roasting, with the help of the fragrance of the cake,  it smells better.  The baked cakes are fragrant and crisp. You can dip the cake in the soup and eat it more delicious.
Next,  I'd like to introduce the simple practice of this dish.  So you can do it at home. First step is to mix the flour and water into a paste.  Second step is to divide the dough into a number of small facets and thin the dough by hands. Then  you put the chilli, the onion, the ginger and the garlic in the pot and fry the fragrance.  Next,  you add chicken nuggets, and put in rice wine, soy sauce, sugar, salt and other flavors in turn. When you smell the aroma,  you should add soup and  potatoes.  Until the soup boil,  you can put the cake in the pot around. Finally, leave it simmering very gently for ten minutes.
And then you can eat the delicious earth pot chicken.

The earth pot chicken of Fengyang

The earth pot chicken of Fuyang

The earth pot chicken of Lingbi

i will try it at home with your practice.
2018/1/17 14:09:24
Amaya @ Anne : Wish you success!come on!