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This article for myself

2018/1/17 13:46:31
This article for myself
At the age of 22, I still remember what I did when I was a child. I do not like or speak of those literary hypocritical words, just some messy long-winded only.
Looking back to the past life, in addition to a worse than expected university and chose a not really like the professional. It can also be regarded as smooth smooth spent. I have Family, friends.My family love me and I have a good time with my friends. I am not cute, but not the kind of annoying character. There are always a few friends who can tolerate my shortcoming and we got true friendship each other.
So far I still thank those who appear in my life, love me or hate me, good guys or bad guys, happy  or unhappy to get along, and now still linked or are not linked. It is always your presence that led to my life so developed, a kind of carefree development. Thanks to everyone who appeared in my life.
I was 20 years old, not much, but not a child's age. I should be more mature. I should also intended for my own, for others to consider more, and have their own ideas, say goodbye to the immature past. Still maintain the concept of timely fun, but will do what I should do first, do not like the child. People, always learn to grow up.
Finally, I want to say: All guys who I love and all guys who love me, I love you.

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2018/1/17 14:11:32