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Have you ever heard the major named International Politics in China?

2018/1/18 11:16:14
Have you ever heard the major named International Politics in China?
China today is more and more internationalized, so as our universities in domestic. Today, I am going to introduce my major at university to you.
This major is set to study the translations interaction of international actors with the state as the main body, and all descipline with political factors affecting these kinds of renationshi. What’s more, International Politics is set to understand and study the law of International society’s evolution and development, mainly explaining the role of International political actors and the general law of their evolution. 
If you want to major in it, you must be propared to study it for at least 4 years, and you will get a degree in law. Besides, If you want to major in it, you may study these courses follow: The principles of political science, international political overview, international law and international organization, contemporary international relations, modern Chinese diplomacy,  western international relations theory, international political economics, American foreign policy, political and economy of countries, etc .
After your graduation, you will get command of these ability below. Firstly, you will master the basic principles and political science of Marx's doctrine, the basic theory and basic knowledge of international politics. Secondly, you may master the analytical method of combining social science and natural science. Then, you will get the knowledge of our foreign policy, laws and regulations and international organizations. Lastly, you will understand the theoretical frontier of international politics and political science, the development of the world economy.
As is illustrated above, majoring in this, you have a lot to learn. Consequently, you need to study hard and pay more attention to your courses.

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First, you need to be familiar with the history of word. Then you can read some classical books, but if you are a beginner, basicc thories and interest are very important. There are many books you can read on websit, my list will not be too much diffrent with their. But I Have an suggest for you: If you choose a book whose writer is foreign, reading the English original book is better.
2018/3/16 17:12:22
I wanna learn it by myself ,what kind of books should I read and learn?
2018/3/12 11:40:30
It seems a difficult major.
2018/1/18 11:21:32
YoloChan @ Tracy : Yeah, if you want to learn it, I can introduce more books to you.