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 A song touched my heart-- "Waiting for you"

2018/1/19 17:24:40
 A song touched my heart-- "Waiting for you"
Today is 1.18 and it's Jay Chou's birthday. At 0'o clock, he released a new album, including a new song called "Waiting for you". When I logged on my Wechat, I found that almost all of my friends were waiting for this song at 0'o clock and shared this song on the Internet. 
This song described such a story: A young boy loves a girl since he was a high school student, and he is willing to do anything for this girl. However, the girl doesn't know that there is always a person waiting for herself.I'm sure you must be touched and this song calls up your memory about your love story when you hear this melody. We all know that loving a person doesn't need any reason. Unfortunately, not everyone can achieve the love he/she wants. So you have to grasp every opportunity and make efforts to show your love to him/her.   
Finally, I can't stop praising for Jay Chou's talents. He has been a singer for 18 years and every song he created is well known among people at different ages. Even though I'm not his fans, my life will be more wonderful because of his songs.

The cover of the album

Waiting for you on the playground.

Happy birthday to Jay Chou!

Happy birthday to Jay Chou!Although it's a little late.
2018/1/22 15:33:30