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A Bite of Miancheng - Dried Noodles

2018/1/18 13:45:41
A Bite of Miancheng - Dried Noodles
Hi, today I ,as a foodie, still want to share two delicious specialities with you. My mom  cooked dried noodles for us for lunch. My little brother and sister eat two bowls and I one bowl. You can imagine how delicious it is. 
Actually my mom imitated the cooking practice from a popular  noodles store. So if you want to do it at home, it's very easy.  Firstly, you should boil the noodles for two or three minutes, dry them out and put them on the bowl. Secondly, you should add some lard oil, chives and  chopped peanuts in the noodles and stir the noodles with chopsticks. Lastly, you should add more shacha sauce and red vinegar. Then you must be fascintaed and captured by its flavor  and can't wait to enjoy it,haha. 
Next, I want to introduce the pork soup. Acutally, when I go to eat dried noodles in the store, I also tend to order a bowl of pork soup which includes over ten slices of  fresh griskin with particualr cutting techniques. The soup also includes watercress,  pork oviduct, pork heart and pork liver. You can dip the ingredients with shacha sauce, pepper sauce and vinegar which all add special flavor to your mouth. What't more, the process of  shacha sauce is very complicated. So if you want to taste it, you can ask Chaoshan friends to mail to you or buy it online.  If you want to start a  incredible food journey ,  you can be recommended to Miancheng, my hometown.

Dried Noodles

Pork Soup

Shacha Sauce

After seeing the photos you sent, I feel this noodle is very delicious. Mix up the noodles and sauce before eating, then slurp away.
2019/7/27 16:40:46
From your blogs, i seem to find that Shacha is the secret of Chaoshan foods, Ha-ha~
2018/1/18 15:17:18