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Have you ever watch the rime in Jilin?

2018/2/1 15:32:25
Have you ever watch the rime in Jilin?
Winter is coming, and nature is about to turn on snowscape mode. If you plan to travel in winter, snow-covered landscape must be taken into consideration. Romantic fairy tale town, magic rime, ice city full of ice and snow... Whether you like snowscape or winter snowy sports, snow country is a good choice. Let’s introduce a great place to you to watch Wusong.
Wusong Island is located in Jilin City, JiLin province, and the best time to travel is late December-end February the following year.
Wusong Island is a small island located on the side of the Songhua River. The rime is the most concentrated, and where it is easy to enjoy and take a picture of the sight. As the saying goes, “if you want to watch rime, Jilin is the first choice.” 
There are iciles  hanging on the trees almost every day in winter. Besides, these white trees with different shapes dance in the wind on the side of river. 
Rime can be divided into two times-granular and crystallin. The structure of granular rime is tight, forming a very small ice block, while the structure of crystalline rime is looser and larger, and the rime of Jilin belongs to crystalline shape.
As you can see in the picture below, time is very beautiful. If you see the rime with your own eyes, you will find it worth your time. So, come on!

Rime Inland


Rime tree