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College time

2018/1/23 20:25:32
College time
I have been away from college for 3 years, and when I was in school, I always thought of graduating. I now miss college life and want to go back to university.
My university in Xi'an, a second-tier cities in China, has a long history and strong cultural background. My university is divided into two campuses, divided into the old camp and the new camp according to the time of establishment.I was learning in the old campus. Both sides of the roads stand are thick and tall Sycamore trees.Even in the hot summer, hot sun is sparse reflected in the body, it is cool. Due to the establishment of a long time, our teaching building exceptionally solemn, time-stamping desk, benches, and some will keep the engraving of the seniors.
I miss college life which is carefree and I only need to learn.I  miss my classmates and roommates who have been separated with each other for long. The college collective life is a passionate young four-year party, all kinds of competitions, exams, certificates, full and busy. The day before graduation from school, more than 30 students had a meal,we call it‘san huo fan’, which means we have to go our separate ways  with a sincere greeting to each other.
Four years of daily life,Roommates will be friends for life. Enjoy food together, go shopping, travel together, skip class, make up exams ... They remember you like to eat spicy  cuisines or sweet ones, remember your favorite clothes brand, remember your favorite superstar and so on. Four years of life will make us understand each other just like they are in you. Although not living together now, still close friends, as the " A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near"
University life is a very important part of life, it is worth remembering and relishing.

A friendly student relationship is really enviable
2018/1/25 22:08:39
2018/1/25 22:08:24