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Celebrate the Spring Festival

2018/1/24 15:00:03
Celebrate the Spring Festival
          Our family sat in the kitchen to make dumplings on the afternoon of the thirty day of the year. The mother and the surface, Ganmian skin. A brother. My father and I sat in front of the pot to make dumplings. My brother looked at me and laughed at the dumplings, and said that some of the dumplings I made were like dead fish, some like a fat pig, some like a dumb duck, so ugly. The father took a one - cent coin out of his pocket and wrapped it into the dumplings and said, "whoever eats this dumpling tonight is the most blessed one."

        When dusk, firecrackers bombed the village as one falls, another rises, the air was filled with the smell of gunpowder Cecil strands. Mother cooked dumplings, father with a shovel and a layer of sand in the yard. Sprinkle a layer of sand. In the yard, probably meaning except new year, blessings and fortunes. I stepped on the fresh and moist sand and picked up a red red firecracker with a bamboo pole. Brother from zaotang took a stick to fire lit firecrackers.
        My mother has a steaming and smell dumplings filled to a white porcelain bowl. A bowl of pork, pork, cabbage and dumplings are dipped in the old vinegar, which is the annual dinner of our family. After the new year's night dinner, the mother always burned a pot of hot water. One family sat on the bench on the foot into an iron bowl with hot feet, feet side side and laughing. The mother said to wash feet a year on New Year's Eve: evil and evil distress. The new year will add to your happiness and your longevity, peace and prosperity. The mother will also put a few new bills in the pocket of me and my brother. She said that whether adults or children, when the old pocket should be rich, so all the year round does not spend money, we will have a good day off too rich. The past year is more like a ritual of delineation of a good life.

        We can't be lazy in the morning of the first year of the year. We should get up early and wake up consciously, and parents can't wake us up. When the dawn of the village of firecrackers like thunder. I woke up from the bed, his eyes pulled out a cigarette from the cigarette box in her father's door hanging in the mouth, provoked a long firecrackers, with a cigarette igniting firecrackers, then a burst of firecrackers, smoke free, strong smell of gunpowder in the yard diffuse. After breakfast, they go to the family of the elderly in knots with kowtow to pay New Year's call. My friends and I played in a free way, carrying money to the shop for glass balls, bubble gum and firecrackers.

        Year after year silently past. Years like a buddy, a hand holding a fun toy, another Dianzhe gluttonous delicacy beckons us, loudly, fascinated us. As we grow up, the year looks like we grow up. It turned into a well - mannered teenager from a lively and naughty child and became a deep and stable youth in the years' change. Would not like before and we play firecrackers game, not like before eating food with us, and we will never be the same again with whimsy......
        I sit on the sofa. I seem to smell the sweet smell of flower candy, smell the aroma of cooked pork, pork and cabbage dumplings delicious, smell the smell of firecrackers......

We can go home for Spring Festival soon.
2018/1/22 10:10:31