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There's only one place we know

2018/1/22 18:29:03
There's only one place we know
Xiaoxi village is a natural village in Chek Chek village. The grandparents may have come to this valley to escape from war or persecution to seek shelter from nature. They lived here for generations to live in harmony with nature. However, because of the inconvenience of traffic, the environment has restricted the development here, causing most of the houses to be abandoned.
The relationship between the environment and the building users through the house means that the design needs to begin with the understanding and feeling of the surrounding environment. It follows the traditional thought that China has attached great importance to the relationship between the architecture and the environment since ancient times.
It kept the east wall of the house, so the height and shape of the whole house were all in line with the original house. The long mountains, the clouds in the mountains and the white tea garden on the roadside give people a natural and harmonious feeling, and they also inherit the common tradition of the curved eaves in the south of China.
The house has adopted the traditional mortise and tenon structure and wooden enclosure, and most of the materials used are old wood and old doors and windows from the surrounding areas. Local workers are manually processed according to the condition of materials. Designers also need to adjust their design at any time according to circumstances, so every detail of the house is carried by human temperature.
"The stream" quietly stands between the edge of the cliff cliff scattered mottled bamboo, water gurgling, like a splash ink landscape painting. It is like planting a tree, we hope that the stream home can be rooted in the land, and the natural growth in the green mountains and rivers in common......

The most perfect thing is the integration, interdependence and dynamic state of nature.

A living house, like a tree, is rooted in this land. It is a unique part of the environment at every moment of growth.

The common growth and nature in the green mountains and rivers in