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Me Before You ——more than a love story

2018/1/21 18:07:52
Me Before You ——more than a love story

Many have watched this movie, sheding tears for these two lovebirds' touching story. However, if you have read the original novel, you will find that it's more than a love story.

Louisa Clark, an ordinary unemployed girl takes a badly needed job as a carer working for Will Traynor who is little bit domineering, moody and bossy due to his gloomy accident and doomy “wheelchair days”. They are not comfortable with each other from the start. But soon Louisa finds his happiness means more to her than she expects. Likewise, Will notices Louisa has walked into his life and become part of it. When she overhears Will’s terrifying plan of his own—ending his life, Louisa strives to change his mind and show him that life is still worth living.

On top of the heartbreaking love story, I personally think Jojo the writer tries to draw people’s attention to the sensitive subject mattera person’s right to die and pushes us to rethink about what our quality of life should mean, especially when facing a life that is so far from what we have chosen. She wants us to understand that these issues are not black and white, and living as a quadriplegic is more of a mental challenge than a constant battle against physical suffering.

I don’t think I would be tied up in so many emotional knots by a romantic story before I meet Me Before You. It sheds light on me that there are plenty of possibilities out there. For Louisa, it’s the courage to jump out of her comfort zone. For Will, it’s the hope to find sunlight under the layers of dirt and rubble of his life. For me, I’m emboldened by these two fighters, regardless of the barely satisfactory ending. I won’t be ashamed of my vulnerability and try not to be frightened by the uncertainty about the future ahead of me.

I can't forget the smile of heroine in this movie.
2018/1/22 11:19:16