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You are going to fall in love with small steamed buns

2018/8/2 0:03:26
You are going to fall in love with small steamed buns
Have you ever had a taste of the small steamed bun? I think it is absolutely worth eating. Small steamed bun also known as soup dumpling is a type of food which be filled bun or bread-like item. They originated from ancient China, and they are traditionally steamed in bamboo steamer. There are usually ten buns in each steamer, and every one is of small size with a thin flour wrapper and is filled with grounded meat. The small steamed bun is characterized by delicacy and savoury smell, and it is especially appetizing for it’s white color and round shape. It can be served as a snack, its size allows a dozen of them be put into a small food-container. And it can also be served as a dish when you have dinner.
My favorite is steamer bun with minced meat and gravy. when you use chopsticks to pierce the flour wrapper, the delicious soup will flow out. The best way to eat that is to bite off, then suck into the delicious gravy. 
You can have a try to enjoy it or you can make it at home and fill in some ingredients you prefer. Or you might mix different kinds of flours with several bright colors and creat some beautiful little buns. Trust me, it would definitely be an enjoyable hand-making experience.

I'm starving
2018/3/15 15:12:57