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Xiao Surou, a Famous Dish in Shanxi Province

2018/1/24 19:42:00
Xiao Surou, a Famous Dish in Shanxi Province
Xiao Surou, from the Dingjia restaurant in City Xi'an, Shanxi Procince, northwest of China, is one of the most famous dishes.
It is made by stewing beef in the soup with hot pepper. And the beef is wrapped with flour and eggs. What`s more, the red pepper gives it a strong flavor.
The food will be ready the minute you order it. The aroma of the beef spreads around the air, and you cannot help tasting it immediately. At first, the soft surface of the beef will touch your tongue, and it gradually melts in your mouth. Then, the juicy beef begin to attract your taste bud. Take a spoon of hot soup to mix it with rice, and you will fall in love with it at once. However, Xiao Surou may not suit all types of tastes. If you are accustomed to bland food, Xiao Surou may give you a taste shock because of the strong flavor of the spices. 
Brown, greasy, maybe it looks very strange for some foreigners, and the appearance of it might frighten you into the thought that it is revolting. However, ever since you taste it, it will give you a good impression. After all, it is one of the classic Chinese specialties.

Mix it with rice.

A little greasy.

The appearance may not be attractive.

The appearance is not beautiful, but I believe it is good inside, it must be very delicious.
2018/1/25 10:15:08