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Historic town paradise

2018/1/29 16:31:30
Historic town paradise
Hangzhou has been known as a paradise on the world since ancient times.
Hefang Street - Hefang Street is located at the foot of Wushan,  it is the most retro street in Hangzhou, Since the beginning of the Republic of China, many historic shops have been crowded into one corner, forming a historical and cultural district in Hangzhou. People who have been there know that there are not only many shops in Hefang Street but also lots of folk handicrafts Full of rich historical and cultural heritage, but also the continuation of Hangzhou culture and style.
streets have a very historical sense, both sides of the house is also very characteristic.
Cloud habitat bamboo trail - cloud habitat "bamboo trail" landscape refers to lush hillside dock landscape: the ancient temples, bamboo trail sound. There is bamboo shade, stream buzz, cool incomparable. Winding path winding, gurgling stream under the path of the river, sweet and pleasant birds heard from the forest, the environment quiet and cool. It located in the southern foot of Mount Yunshan, according to legend five-colored cloud floated from the top of the mountain, Surrounded by mountains and mountains, they are not deserted for long.Here was voted the most quiet place in Hangzhou, you can walk side by side, slowly feel its beauty. It is like a sleeping girl, waiting for you to wake up.
Wuzhen - This is a lake system in Taihu Lake, criss-cross the river, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal by the town. Wuzhen is the first batch of famous historical and cultural towns in China, China's top ten charm town, the country's beautiful towns and townships, the national 5A-level scenic spots, known as "China's last pillow people" reputation, with over 7,000 years of civilized history and built in 1300 history. Wuzhen is a typical ancient town of Water Village, a “land of plenty, Silk House." There are six thousand years of history, is the national twenty golden week forecast attractions and one of the six ancient towns in the south. 

Perhaps the love story of the White Snake Xu Xian is our original intention to Hangzhou, but Hangzhou definitely give you more than these, to harvest this beautiful town give you a gift.

World paradise Hangzhou

Autumn falling, forest path beauty beyond words

Secluded southern antique shop, rich historical and cultural flavor

Night scenery of the West Lake hazy