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Do you know that the second meaning of the word "China" is ceramic?

2018/1/27 17:37:53
Do you know that the second meaning of the word "China" is ceramic?
When we talk about china, you should know that China has two different meanings. One is our country’s name and the other is a kind of artworks. At ancient times, China was a country that gathers goods all around the world and use ceramics for exchange for a long time. As a result, people used to call ceramics China. From this story, you must have known that ceramics have a long history and its importance cannot be ignored.
In China, there is a town famous for its ceramics-- Jingdezhen. Many artists will stay there and hold exhibitions for communication and broadcasting our country’s culture. You can even study in the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute for deeper development. Compared with western artworks, ceramics have longer histories and have distinguished characteristics. Most of Chines people tend to buy ceramics to decorate their house, such as vase and teapot because artists often draw Chinese paintings on ceramics.
If you study or work abroad, you can bring some ceramics so that you can give them to your foreign friends as gifts and they will absolutely love these gifts. To some extent, they like ceramics as much as calligraphy works. I’m proud of our country’s culture.




Ceramic is also like China's business card in the world,i am so pride of it!
2018/1/24 14:39:09