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Follow my steps when you visit Nanjing

2018/1/25 11:03:18
Follow my steps when you visit Nanjing
I have been in Nanjing for about 10 years. Even thought Nanjing is not my hometown, I love this city and it can be likened to my second hometown.
Nanjing is a city which experienced 6 dynamics so that it has a long history. There are a lot of tourist attractions combining modern and ancient. It is characterized by its classical architectures. Nowadays, Nanjing has followed the steps of the world and attracts a large number of foreigners to come. Young people in this city have their own understanding of this city and love it very much.
If you are a tourist and it’s your first time travelling in Nanjing, I will strongly recommend you to visit the Museum of Nanjing. This museum will bring you a wonderful experience of your eyes and mind. Then, you can go to the Confucian Temple and take a boat on the Qinhuai Lake in the evening. After that, you can have dinner in the restaurant near the river. These restaurants serve different kinds of local food which are delicious. At the same time, most of these restaurants will have a show of operas. I’m sure you will be amazed by Nanjing’s beauty.

Qinhuai Lake

the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum;

the museum of Nanjing