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The Most Popular Food on Laba Festival-Laba Rice Porridge

2018/1/25 9:20:40
The Most Popular Food on Laba Festival-Laba Rice Porridge
There are many traditional festivals in China such as New Year's Day,Spring Festival, Tomb-sweeping Day,  Arbor Day, Labor Day, Children's Day, almost a festival per month and now even foreign festivals are also celebrated in China, such as Christmas Eve, Christmas and Valentine's Day. Everyone loves a festival because it is time for them to have a good rest, what's more, to enjoy the lively atmosphere with a good mood when they can also feel the happiness of living in this world and find the meaning of being alive.  
Today is December 8th, 2017 of the Chinese lunar calendar, commonly known as Laba Festival in China when pople always  eat Laba rice porridge to celebrate this festival in the morning, so am I. Laba Festival is mainly in memory of Chinese national hero, Yuefei when people always workship their ancestors, praying for a good harvest and happiness with a good luck. On this day, Laba rice porridge is a common food consisting of adlay seeds,red beans,mung beansalmond,lotus seeds,longan, peanuts and Chinese-data, which became popular in Song Dynasty, differnt in materials in different regions. After getting up earlier than usual, I headed to the supermarket nearby to buy some materials to cook Laba rice porridge at only eight o'clock when the supermarket was just opened. When eating Laba rice porridge, I feel I am alive with the inner desire satisfied at the same time.
Of course, there are many different traditional habits in different places in China rather than only eating rice porridge on this day. In South China, people are used to eatting rice dumplings on this day while in Northern China, people always eat rice porridge, just like me who is a native northerner.  In addition,  Laba vinegar is also popular in northern China referring to peeling garlic into the vinegar soak of seal and the garlic will become green after a few days. Thus, the so-called Laba Garlic is produced, "Laba Suan" in Chinese where "Suan" means "doing accounts" in English, referring to the debit should be paid back sooner or later.  Dumplings are often eatten on this day as China is a country of vast territory and abundant resources, making great differences in different regions on a same festival day!

Materials of Laba rice porridge

Laba Garlic of the green color peeled into soak

Laba rice porriadge eatten in most Chinese places on Laba Festival

It's just the Laba Festival today, but I haven't eaten the porridge.So pathetic...
2018/1/24 14:56:06