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Be a gentle girl

2018/1/31 16:02:08
Be a gentle girl
Stepping into the college gate, I find myself more tender, which is because of my roommate, a really gentle and enthusiastic girl. And she deeply infects me. All my classmates know she is a nice girl, without exception. She is  kind and she always gives others a hand when needed. Additionally, you will understand what is warmth and freedom when staying with her. She not only thinks about you, listens to you and is sincerely to you, but shows you what is bright smile. Having seen so many people, nobody brings me such a kind of comfortable feel. I suppose this is a thing that calls charm and temperament, and we all need it. 
You can’t decide your parents and your background of birth. Nevertheless, your life is on your hand. You can choose to be in your small world and stay away from others, and you can also become a warm person to brings others sunshine. All is up to you. But if you have a chance to take happiness to others, and then let others like you, why not? How wonderful the world is! And you won’t touch the nice things if you don’t contact with others or always stay in your own world.
Just be gentle with the people around you, and at the end, this world will be gentle with you.

She is always diligent and hard-working.

She has dreams and her mind is full of hope.

She loves life, and she believes she deserves her efforts.

be brave,girl and always keep your goal in mind!
2018/3/12 14:32:32