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A snack bar that was so hot that it refused to be interviewed!

2018/1/25 16:13:12
A snack bar that was so hot that it refused to be interviewed!
This is a store in Wuhan,Hubei,which products egg potato powder.It is called New taste of egg potato powder.The address is: no. 92, jixian li (near rongxi vegetable market, jixian vegetable market). The business is booming so that no matter when you go you have to wait in line. The store is certain to be closed at 1:15 PM.When the reporter asked the boss if he could be interviewed, the boss quickly said, "sorry, I can't. It's busy enough now.I'm afraid it is more difficult to handle after the interview.A decade ago, two sisters who had been on the job opened the store, and the popularity of the store became more and more popular.In order to maintain the authentic taste, they did not recruit employees, and also gave up mass production.
On the choice of taste, they mainly make sichuan spicy flavor.If you want to eat less spicy food, you will  be added the meat and the lotus root will be three.On the contrary, less meat and more lotus root.The most important thing is that you must drink soup when you eat flour.Because the soup is made from 36 Chinese herbs so that is has medicinal value which can cure cold or diarrhea.There is also a sign on the wall that says "eat while eating".Many of the ingredients were prepared by the sisters themselves. The sister is responsible for cooking the powder and the sister is responsible for the ingredients.Today, it can sold nearly 400 bowls a day from Tuesday to Friday and 500 to 600 bowls if it's a weekend.Even if the business is booming, the two bosses still insist on not opening a branch store and they stick to make their own meal.As a girl live in Inner Mongolia,I can't wait to taste!

The snack bar

Important ingredients:Lotus root

Egg potato powder

The food made attentively must be very delicious. I am so regrettable that i haven't eat it during my 4 years' Wuhan life. I have to eat this snack next time i come back to Wuhan. Thanks for your recommendation.
2018/1/24 15:23:39
Setinary @ Tracy : I haven't eat it yet::>_<::Just recommend by someone haha.