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The development of TV witnesses my growth

2018/8/7 0:27:54
The development of TV witnesses my growth
Last month, I had a wonderful oral lesson which reminds me of my life in my childhood. And it made me think a lot. 
As we all know, TV is an essential machine in our daily life, especially in last two decades. In 1990s, TV is something of rare for Chinese family. People looked up to it. Many people desired to buy one. But this phenomenon is no longer available. Under new technology’s influence, TV become less important for us recently. Many TV programs are shown in the Internet. People can watch them in their smart phones and computers. And it’s rare for the whole family to sit and chat in front of TV, I got that deep impression when we discussed the TV program we saw in infancy. 
The discussion reminded me of my childhood. Many memories poured into my mind. I missed the TV program very much. I remember that I was so crazy about everything to do with cartoon when I was a child. I enjoyed watching cartoon with my mother and sister. At that time, we were living in a small room. And it’s worth mentioning that in every evening, we sat together to watch some children channels although there were very few channels in the TV. My mother was watching while doing some handwork. My sister and I assisted her to count how much she had done. What a harmony scene it was! During the time, I watched quantities of cartoons, news and soap operas. such as" teletubbies", " cherry Maruko", "Detective Conan" and "winter of three hairs". They influenced my childhood deeply. It is really a treasure in my life. 
Compared to my childhood, I rarely watch TV program in nowadays. First, there is no television in our dorm. Second, I like to focus more on my real life. I have been making many friends. It takes me more time playing with them. And I have realized that getting closer to my families is worth doing. As time goes by, we don’t like watching the same TV program. As  times goes by, my sister and I have grown up and it's hard for us to watch the same TV program. We have different tastes in these programs. So, it’s better for us to chat and have our meals together. In my infancy, TV was like a bond that kept the family together.  After many years, communications take place the TV.
TV, movie are becoming better. But Real-life 3D is better than any program. With the development of the technology, we shouldn’t turn in ourselves in the screen, it’s better for us to spend more time accompanying with our families, friends. We should learn to love and be loved in the real world! I love the lesson, I love the real life!

It would be better if we could focus more on reality life. Maybe we can see something seicial

There are more and more screens in our daily life. We should make good use of them!

The rare experience!

2018/7/19 23:27:30