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Secret Superstar——the meaning of life and the right to dream

2018/1/26 17:00:53
Secret Superstar——the meaning of life and the right to dream
"Secret Superstar" released in mainland China on January 19th 2018, according to the Cat Eye Professional Edition, the film's combined box office forty-three million three hundred and four thousand and six hundred , the next day fifty-six million six hundred and forty-one thousand and eight hundred , both top single-day champion. The two-day box office topped 100 million yuan, creating the fastest box office record for Indian films in China.
In this age of popular memory as goldfish, there are still some appalling events that cannot be forgotten because they are too shocked to be forgotten, December 16th 2012. A female Indian medical intern named Judy Singh was beaten and gang-raped by six male passengers on a bus, causing severe injuries to many parts of her body. The injured woman was abandoned in a wasteland. In December 29th, Jodie died of failure to rescue.
This incident deeply reflects the cruel reality of the universal low status of Indian women, shocked India, shocked many countries in the world, aroused a lot of attention, and was also revealed the backward phenomenon by the "Secret Superstar".
The movie's main character, Insiya, loves singing and dreams of music, while her brutal father cuts her guitar and beats her. Even if she's popular, she can only quietly upload videos of her hooded singing on his computer. Women are exposed to discrimination and domestic violence. The mystic superstar refers to  Insiya, who has a musical dream, and also refers to Insiya's mother, Najima.
Unlike Insiya's awakening of a sense of equality, Najima is submissive and weak. And because the film's 3/4 page portrays a typical image of a powerless woman in Indian society, Najima, whose eyes firmly refuted her husband at the airport, was able to shock the audience.
In a movie, publicity usually accounts for the bulk of the cost.The publicity of domestic films has been done very well,but it's still rare to see this kind of film with good reputation and good box office.I personally think, has the audit strict reason. What is more important is the audience's viewing level, as well as the filmmakers' concern and reflection on social problems. 

the secret superstar Insiya

Insiya's brutal father

Secret Superstar

Insiya's mother is so beautiful.
2018/3/12 10:11:33