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My favorite Korean movie - Night Flight

2018/1/24 17:09:53
My favorite Korean movie - Night Flight
My first encounter with the works of the same-sex was in high school. The first time I look at the type is a novel, later, when I was in college, I started to contact same-sex movies. The first same-sex movie I saw was "Brokeback Mountain". At that time this movie still brought a great shock, that is the first time I learned that same-sex can have such a shocking feelings.
"Night Flight" is the first Korean same-sex movie that I saw. This movie not only shows the feelings between same-sex people, but also reflects the reality of current Korean campus violence through the development of feelings between the two protagonists. The movie brings me not only the shock of love between same-sexes, but also a sense of powerlessness facing the reality and a desire to flee this tragic world. After reading the entire movie, I deeply felt a pent-up feeling of powerlessness. They can not change the world, and so did I.
I have seen a lot of works, there has never been a work that let me watch it over and over again. And I am deeply caught in the beauty and helplessness of this same-sex love. I am very fortunate, I saw such a good work. I long for one day, all the feelings can be blessed, all lovers can be open hand in hand on the road bright and honest. No one looks at others with strange eyesight. No one will suffer violence because of different sexual orientation. My wish is only to love innocence and peace in the world.

Poster for this movie.

My favorite one stills.

One of the movie's starring actor.

Another major actor in the movie.

The same-sex love is still a very sensitive word in domestic society, so we can not produce such a shocking work about this topic under the strict film censorship, either. It is a pity that the same-sex lovers should have got equal respect, but not.
2018/1/25 16:28:09