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Share a sobering story——be a thinker and don't be deceived by stupid lies

2018/8/1 23:14:41
Share a sobering story——be a thinker and don't be deceived by stupid lies
This is a small story told by a friend to his child. It teaches people not to listen to others easily, but to think twice before they act.
A fox fell into a well, no matter how hard it struggled and couldn't climb up, so it had to stay there. A male goat felt so thirsty that he came to the well and saw the fox in the well. The goat asked the fox,"Is well water good to drink?" The fox felt the opportunity coming, and immediately calmed down, extolling the well water, saying it was the first spring in the world, sweet and refreshing, and urging the goat to hurry down and drink with him.
The goat, who was only interested in drinking water, jumped off without thinking, and when he had finished drinking, he had to discuss with the fox how to get to the well.
The fox already had some ideas, and he said cunningly, "I have a way, you put your front foot on the wall of the well, and then erect the angle, I jump up from your back, and pull you up again, we are all saved!" 
The goat agreed to his proposal, and the fox stepped on its back and jumped on his back. Then, with a strong jump from the corner, he jumped out of the well. The fox went up. Ready to flee alone. The goat accuses the fox of not keeping his word. The fox turned to the goat and said, "Hey, my friend, if your mind is as perfect as your beard.You won't jump blindly before you see the exit. " 

the fox deceive the goat

the goat help the fox to jump out the well

the fox mocked the goat

First of all we must learn to distinguish between right and wrong, and then learn to trust.
2018/3/12 10:40:37