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Five reasons why it's hard for smart people to find happiness

2018/2/1 17:19:56
Five reasons why it's hard for smart people to find happiness
"Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know"—Ernest Hemingway
You might find in everyday life that, smart people around us seem not as happy as ordinary people. The reasons are as follows:
1) over-thinking
  Many intelligent people often overthink, which usually leads to frustration, especially when the results are unsatisfying. The ability to see through people's intentions is also a burden ordinary people don't carry.
  2) over ambition
  Smart people are hard to please. They are not satisfied with what they have. Pursing impossible dreams stops them from appreciating the beautiful things in everyday life. They often get anxious when they can't get what they want.
  3) high standards
  Smart people usually set high standards for everything. Not being able to reach these standards often leads to great disappointment. So they would strive intensely to achieve these targets.
  4) misunderstanding from others
  Every person hopes to be understood and appreciated. Sharing likely opinions and thoughts with others can bring pleasure. Yet it's not easy for intelligent people to find like-minded company, which makes them feel alone. They prefer profound and challenging topics rather than trivial things like weather or gossip that others like to talk about.
  5) psychological problems
  Study has shown that people with high intelligence tend to be linked to a higher risk for psychiatric problems such as depression.  Ordinary people suffer from depression or other emotional problems too. But relatively speaking, psychiatric disease happens more often in people with high intelligence. "Depression" is nearly the antonym of  "happiness". That's why intelligent people have to try harder to be happy than us. As the old saying goes" when god closes a door, he opens a window".Only for smart people, it's the opppsite. Brainy is the new sexy, but with a price— less happiness. 

complicated mind has less room for happiness.

brainy is the new sexy, but with a price.

when's the last time you were actual happy?