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Top 5 MUST-EAT Dishes in Shanghai 

2018/1/24 21:08:36
Top 5 MUST-EAT Dishes in Shanghai 
Shanghai has always been my favorite city in China. Among all the reasons why I love this city, food for sure plays an important role. If you would like to have some authentic Shanghai culinary experience, here is my list of top 5 dishes you cannot miss in Shanghai. 
No. 5 – Lion’s Head
Please don’t be scared away by the name;) It is totally legal to eat Lion’s Head here! In fact, it is just stewed meatballs with a fancy name.
Main ingredients: pork, egg, vegetable 

No. 4 – Small Wonton
Obviously, when there is Small Wonton, there is Big Wonton. The differences between these two are the size of the Wonton and the thickness of the Wonton skin. Personally, I prefer the small ones because the skin is so thin that you almost can not feel it.
Main ingredients: pork or shrimp

No. 3 – Fried Bean curd and vermicelli soup
For me, this soup is the best thing when you want something to warm up your stomach. It is light but very tasty.
Main ingredients: bean curd, vermicelli, and vegetable

No. 2 – Xiao Long Bao
Xiao Long Bao looks similar to tons of other Dim Sum in terms of the way of cooking and serving. However, I can tell you that there is more inside of Xiao Long Bao and you’d better have a certain level of skill with chopsticks. One small bite, you will feel the soup all over your mouth. The stuffing inside is very dense frozen meat/shrimp soup. The frozen soup melts inside while steaming.
Main ingredients: pork, or shrimp

No. 1 – Shanghai Hairy Crab
Every autumn, people in Shanghai would go crazy about the Hairy Crabs. Again you can ignore “Hairy” from the name. We don’t eat the “Hairy” part so don’t worry. However, I should admit that it is a bit complicate to eat. In some good restaurants, they would even provide you a set of tools to open the crab in a nice and elegant way.  But anyways, it is worthwhile to have a try.
Main ingredients: Crab
So here is my recommendation list, what is on your list?

No. 5 - Lion's Head

No. 4-Small Wonton

No. 3 - Fried Bean Curd and Vermicelli Soup

No. 2 - Xiao Long Bao 

No. 1 - Shanghai Hairy Crab