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Chowhound sharing--NO.1

2018/2/9 22:04:06
Chowhound sharing--NO.1
As a chowhound,I want to share some nice shops with you which in the city I live now.Besides,they are very cheap,for which I still a student in local university.First,it's desserts.When talks to desserts,one shop could not be miss which called"Xi Ying Men".It heard that the shop have centuries-old history.How surprised me is that the store is booming every day,even if it doesn't take out. However,the thought change after eating syrup. The syrup I like the most here is black sesame paste and mandarin duck paste which just mix the sesame paste with the peanut paste.In addition,the other food in this store is tasty.For example,noodles with all kinds of meatballs and a portion is good enough,vegetables with special ingredients and or so.In a word,it's a store fulled with delicious and substantial.
Second,the shop I want to share also with centuries-old history that just offer breakfast and it named Well Head for it next the well.In this store,the most famous specialty is a large bowl of noodles with fresh seafood, and another is oiled bar which melt in you mouth.It also booming every day so that you have to stand in a long queue.
Today is a foggy day where I live now,and the temperature seems turn cold.How about yours?it's sunny,crowded or windy.Whatever the weather like ,please dress yourself in time.

mandarin duck paste

 oiled bar

noodles with fresh seafood