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A bowl of cross-bridge noodles,a warm story

2018/1/31 13:03:40
A bowl of cross-bridge noodles,a warm story
Yesterday, I went by a refreshment bar. The breakfast shop was overflowing with people. Having not yet breakfasted,I went in to have breakfast.
The waitress walked towards me when I looking at the menu.“May I help you?”The waitress asked.
“I will have a cross-bridge noodle, please”I answered. A minute later, the waitress returned with my order. The smell of noodle permeated the air.The cross-bridge noodle led to endless aftertaste, so I strongly recommend it to you.
Its name was come from a story. Once upon a time,a  scholar studied  on the island. His wife always cooked  some noodles for him. But the noodle got cold when she reached there. One day, she found that the oil which covered on the chicken soup can keep the temperature. From then on, she prepared the ingredients in advance. Having crossed the bridge, she cooked the noodle on the island. So in order to memorialize her, people called it cross-bridge noodle.
Then, I would like to share the cooking method with you.
1. The soup can be made from chicken, chinese cooking wine and onions.
2. Cook the noodles, then get them out.
3. Boil the chicken oil, and then add the soup.
4. Boil the vegetables ,shrimps,quail eggs,and then give them out.
5. Combine the cooked noodles and soup in the pot, and add some salt to your taste.
6.Finally,put all the vegetables ,shrimps and quail eggs on the noodles.

The wife cooked the noodle for the scholar.

Prepare the ingredients in advance.

Be accomplished.